Vintage 1950s Vendome Pearl Floral Brooch

Sharon Harper Designs


Beautiful 1950s Vendome pearl and crystal floral brooch. Love the dimensional pierced leaves around the pearls and crystals. Fantastic oversized gold connector gives this 70 year beauty a new and contemporary vibe!

L 18”   Brooch 1 1/2”

Vendome pieces are in great demand by vintage jewelry collectors! Vendome produced unique style and high quality jewelry. The name origins in Parisian jewelry trade center Place de Vendome, specialized in the production of luxury jewelry for the rich clientele. The designers used high quality materials, such as rock crystal from Austria and Czechoslovakia, sparkling artificial pearls and enamels, metal with gold or silver plated, clear and colored perspex. In 1953, the company separated from Coro, and existed until 1979.


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