Floral Gold Ribbon Kenneth Jay Lane Brooch

Sharon Harper Vintage Designs


Floral elegance by Kenneth Jay Lane! Every time I find a vintage KJL brooch that is “affordable” it’s like hitting the lottery! Love the soft grey studded pearl in this gold Kenneth Jay Lane floral ribbon brooch with a matching gold chain and toggle clasp.

Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewelry is a legendary American brand. The massive and luxurious jewelry by KJL is out of time and seasons, and it doesn’t become either old-fashioned or non-wearable. Such things, despite the lack of precious stones and metals, are not so much for shopping season, but for the collection. Interestingly, one of the first and perhaps the most prominent connoisseurs of the brand was Jacqueline Kennedy. Meanwhile, Kenneth Lane was a famous virtuoso copying celebrity jewelry, and made perfect copies. One day Jacqueline Kennedy asked Lane to create a copy of a precious necklace that Aristotle Onassis had given her. Since then, the creator of the KJL brand became known as the “king of counterfeiting and imitation of jewelry.” 

Also, the Duchess of Windsor purchased several pieces of jewelry and recommended him to her friends. Kenneth Jay Lane is known throughout the world for being the “Master of Fakes” and his incredible life is documented in the book called, “Faking It” which debuted in 1996.

He has created and designed for Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Vreeland, and Audrey Hepburn. The New York times compared him to Coco Chanel for having successfully made faux jewelry chic!

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