Napoleon Rhinestone Enamel Bee

Sharon Harper Designs


Napoleon used the honeybee as one of the most important symbols of the power and prestige of his empire. There are two schools of thought of why Napoleon’s government shows the honeybee as it symbol. 
One school of thought says the honeybee is representational of the Merovingian kings, The founders of France, with whom Napoleon sought to align himself.
Or.... Napoleon was cheap! When Napoleon moved into the Royal Palace of Tuileries he refused to spend money on new decor. However, he could not allow the drapery with its embroidered fleur-de-lis (the French royal emblem) to continue to hang in the windows of the palace. His solution was to have a rich and elegant drapes turned upside down. The inverted symbol of the overthrown monarchy looked like a bee. From then on the bee became the emblem of Napoleon Bonaparte.
I am not sure which is correct but one thing is for sure the bee remains one of the most fascinating and beloved insects on our planet! 
FABULOUS and UNIQUE necklace!
Approx. 18” L

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