Vintage 1930s Hobe’ French Blue Cabochon Dangle Brooch

Sharon Harper Designs


One of my FAVES💕

Incredibly beautiful and rare 1930s HOBE’ vintage French blue cabochon brooch. The copper metal on the brooch and the chain is the perfect color to highlight the beautiful cabochon stones.

William HOBE’ started HOBE’ jewelry in 1927 and actually had a hand in the phrase “costume jewelry” itself. One of HOBE’s first assignment was to make costume jewelry for the Ziegfield Follies. According to historians, Florenz Ziegfield described the jewelry that accompanied the costumes in the shows as COSTUME JEWELRY!

Great story!

HOBE’ showbiz origins served him well. By the 1940s and 50s, Hollywood stars such as Betty Davis and Ava Gardner were promoting and wearing HOBE’.

HOBE’ is a coveted name for collectors a fine costume jewelry.


18” L

Brooch 3”W 


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