Vintage 1940s Miriam Haskell Starburst Brooch

Sharon Harper Designs


This fabulous heirloom brooch is a perfect example of designer Mariam Haskell’s amazing skill and craftsmanship. It is exquisitely crafted with a dimensional floral starburst pattern with layered faux pearls. Each petal is adorn with tiny multiple silver seed pearls over a guilt filigree base.
Each and every pearl is wired in by hand!

Miriam Haskell opened her jewelry boutique in New York City in 1924 and instantly became known around the world for her selection of materials, designs and craftsmanship. Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, and Gloria Vanderbilt were huge fans of Mariam Haskell jewelry. The Duchess of Windsor, one of the worlds great jewelry collectors owned a large collection of Haskell jewelry and was photographed often wearing pieces from Mariam Haskell’s latest designs

The craftsmanship of Mariam Haskell jewelry can simply not be duplicated today!


Approx. 18”L   Brooch 2”

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