Vintage 1940s Czech Turquoise Stone Brooch

Sharon Harper Designs


Love ♥️TURQUOISE ♥️anything. When I spotted this turquoise brooch I knew it would be a special necklace! 

This vintage brooch from the Czech Republic has gold gilt filigree metal with an oval cabochon large stone in the middle with four floral turquoise motifs. The intricate chain is the same “old world gold” with two matching turquoise beads. 


Czechoslovakia became a country in 1918 absorbing Bohemia, which was well known for its quality glass, garnets and beads.  The Bohemian glass works produced large quantities of stones and beads as well as complete jewelry which was exported between 1918 and 1939.  During the war Czechoslovakia was occupied by the Germans, so most of the Czech jewelry you will find will be dated from before WWII. 

L 18”

Brooch 2x2

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