Vintage 1960s West Germany Scarf Clip

Sharon Harper Designs


Whimsical and fabulous describes this 1960s scarf clip made in West  Germany.
Beautiful intricate metal work with mod 1960s iridescent molded flowers inside the round glass center with a wired wrap toggle and vintage chain.

West Germany had been devastated from WWII, so West Germany set out to rebuild the economy through very rapid reconstruction. They experienced what is known as Wirtschaftswunder or “economic miracle” throughout the 1950s. From the late ’50s on, West Germany had one of the world’s strongest economies. The East German economy also showed some strong growth, but not as much as in West Germany. 

A large contributor to the success of this huge economic upswing came from increased production and manufacturing of goods such as costume jewelry. During this time West Germany was known for striking jewelry made of glass, imitating precious gemstones. 

L 18”

Scarf Clip 1 1/2”

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