Vintage West Germany 1950s Turquoise and Amethyst Brooch

Sharon Harper Designs


LOVE♥️ The stunning colors in this necklace! The brooch is bronze metal with turquoise and amethyst glass beads. 
initially, all the jewelry made in Germany before 1949, jewelers simply used “Germany” as their marking. As we know, in 1949, Germany was divided into two parts, West and East Germany. Which means this brooch was produced after WWll and before the Berlin Wall fell. It is  is signed West Germany. 

The chain is hand strung using vintage Murano glass beads. Murano Glass is synonymous with the finest and most beautiful of handmade beads in the world. Using techniques that have been passed down over centuries. The common material in every one of their authentic Murano glass beads is the renown Effetre glass cane, famous for its color and quality. 

L 18”  Brooch 1 1/2”

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